The reel deal: How the psychology of slots keeps you spinning

Can you pick online slots, or do you choose slots?

The psychology of known themes

For developers, the psychology of slots is important to keep you spinning those reels.

As coins rain down on the reels (even if you’ve been playing for 1p a payline, but don’t let that ruin the triumph), a big bonus win will be accompanied by a massive ‘big win’ sign. And evidence of whether a slot is running hot is a ticker showing recent jackpot winners.

Dr. Mark Griffiths is Professor of Behavioral Addiction and Director of Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit. He did a lot of research on what he refers to as the psychology of familiarity.

Dr Griffiths suggests that players in general are more secure with a brand that has been checked by the wider public before it is tailored to a slot.

Many slot themes are familiar, after all, and for manufacturers, branded slots are big business.

A great deal of time and money goes into securing brand tie-ins, indeed. Look at the Jurassic Park of Microgaming. It was released with tremendous fanfare and features real imagery from the iconic 1994 movie. Game Of Thrones, meanwhile, celebrates one of the most famous TV shows of the past decade with its 243 ways to win.

But you don’t need to know your Lannisters’ Starks, or your T-Rex velociraptors, to enjoy either game. All you need is the comfort that behind the title there is a major brand.

What’s a name like?

It’s not just the familiarity of the brand that brings players in.

The cheeky, tempting slot names offer the impression that something marvellous is about to be achieved. That is, paying you, the player, a lot of cash.

Cash Splash isn’t one of the biggest egalitarian jackpots for nothing at Microgaming, nor is Mega Moolah. Both contain cash references, and one of the oldest titles of the developer – Break Da Bank Again – is all about beating the building.

Who would like to play a slot called ‘Medium Variance’ or ‘Unlucky Slots Gambler’, of course? Presumably, not you.

And sometimes, it’s enticing for players to assume the part of a wealthy or famous individual. Again, we’re going back to Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones.

“Slot machines are often named after a famous person – the Elvis Presley machines appear very popular in one of my local casinos – place, event, video game, board game, television show or film,” says Dr. Griffiths.

“Not only is this something that is familiar to the gambler but may also be something that the potential gamblers might like or affiliate themselves with, such as James Bond.”

Knowing a factor in nostalgia

Here’s a fast question: what do your average online slot game and Pokemon GO have in common?

Nothing else, other than some cute graphics and quick online access, on the face of it.

“We identified the nostalgia element in a recent study examining the success of Pokemon GO,” says Dr Griffiths.

Within weeks of coming out, the AR game attracted millions of players worldwide, and the research of Dr Griffiths set out to investigate what made Pokemon Go engage so many people.

Three variables were recognized: nostalgia, outdoor activity, and boredom, along with a main leisure element. Also described was a fantasy/escapism factor.

For those who had been fans of Pokemon before the release of Pokemon Go, nostalgia was an important motive,”Nostalgia was an important motive for those who had been fans of Pokemon prior to the introduction of Pokemon Go,” “These players emphasised that Pokemon Go revived old memories of their childhood.”

For slots players, nostalgia and a feeling of comfort are significant. After a long slots session, they want to feel confident that they will be tucked up in bed at night.

It also makes the games easy to enjoy, easy to navigate and free to play without the need for real cash stakes (at first). And several slots, like Pokemon Go, have unpredictable prizes and rewards, and the game is, depending on the bankroll, infinite.

There’s a big element of ‘gathering’ in Pokemon Go. The idea of storing up awards or multipliers is now present in several online slots. The more you win, the larger the jackpot you get.

This is a recent phenomenon that can be shared online in 바카라사이트 that feature missions and accomplishments. A seductive one is the idea of collecting.

The recurrence of themes

In most 바카라사이트’s, nostalgia is a central element in gaming in the ‘classic slots’ lobby. In most land-based casinos and amusement arcades, too, you’ll find old-style slots.

But who cares that the high 80s are barely driving the RTP (Return to Player)? Look at those bells of melons, lemons, and gold! Much like the early 20th century AWPs (Amusements With Prizes), classic slots make players wish for the easy games they used to play when they were children and adolescents.

Time and time again, daily slot themes seem to emerge. How many slots that are Egypt-themed can you reel off right now? Around half a dozen, perhaps, without too much trouble. And why not follow the bandwagon if one developer has reached a good format?

So, soon after, when we get a safe, solid title like Rainbow Riches, Plenty O’Riches appears. Irish Luck is coming to the party, and even Egypt’s Leprechaun Goes gatecrashes the whole thing by crushing two common themes: Ireland and Egypt.

It’s the eyes that have it.

The effect of eye contact on humans has long been studied by advertisers and psychologists. We trust someone more, as adults, who maintains eye contact.

We are more likely to recall faces where we have enjoyed or witnessed a common gaze, as one paper published in 2004 claimed. We feel more connected, even flattered, by people who keep our gaze constantly.

Think about the most popular slots online now.

We recall and interact with characters, always with a flirty smile or knowing wink, who maintain eye contact with us. As part of their production make-up, it is no surprise that games such as Microgaming’s Asian Beauty and Thunderstruck II feature seductive main figures. Maybe they don’t speak to us, but they still communicate.

Choosing the slots right for you

“Once a gambler’s attention has been gained, the product must be likeable and familiar enough for them to think about gambling and wanting to interact with the machine further,” Dr. Griffiths says.

Slots are obviously hugely common and can lead to large wins for a relatively small stake.

To motivate players to keep gambling, developers use flashing lights, flashy animation, and loud noises. As well as the hope of a major win just around the corner, nostalgia and brand comfort also play their part.

But players with smart slots realize that they have to look under the surface to be a major winner. RTPs, variance/volatility, bonus jackpots, avoiding the frustration factor: the most important aspect of being a winning player is knowing these.